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PNT has in-depth experience with a wide range of network services and hardware, ranging from basic phone lines to high capacity Internet circuits. When you choose to work with us, you have one point of contact that can address all of your network needs from start to finish.


Network Solutions

The telecommunications industry is constantly changing and can be frustrating, time consuming and unnecessarily expensive. As your trusted advisor and telecom…


Facility Moves

Facility moves can be exciting times but also require careful planning to ensure that your business doesn’t skip a beat through the transition. PNT has worked with a diverse group of companies in order to make their…


Cloud Services

Disaster Recover Backup.

Every organization has to prepare for their worst-case scenario, and that is a major disaster. The definition of a major disaster is different for every individual or company. These could include…



PNT provides clients with a full spectrum of telecommunications consulting services. Our Team can help you make informed hardware and network decisions that will match up the best service…

We specialize in making your business’s telecommunications easy by identifying the best vendor for your needs and then seeing the implementation through from purchase to installation and through long term use. Our clients enjoy the benefits of consistent customer service from their dedicated PNT associate and never have to worry about being transferred among multiple departments in search for assistance.

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