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Cloud Services


Disaster Recover Backup.

Every organization has to prepare for their worst-case scenario, and that is a major disaster. The definition of a major disaster is different for every individual or company. These could include critical files being deleted to loss of their data center. Organizations across the globe have started to leverage the cloud to back up their data. This backup could include your traditional file-by-file backup that in the past was done to tape. At the extreme, organizations are replicating servers in real time to a remote data center in the cloud.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is one of the most common things that a customer is moving from their onsite infrastructure to the cloud. Because most of the data that traverse an exchange server comes from external resources, it is ideally suited to put in the cloud. Organizations no longer want to spend their time and resources on the continued task of upgrading and managing an exchange infrastructure when it could easily be put in the cloud. Many organizations suffer from exchange outages because they do not have on staff resources that can fully manage their infrastructure.

Move your Server to the Cloud

Onsite servers are expensive; they take up critical space and devour IT resources. With servers in the cloud, you can free up your IT team to focus on other initiatives and avoid critical downtime through disaster recovery options only found in the hosted environment.Learn more about Virtual Servers

Virtual Desktop

Empowering work forces and maximizing efficiency is at the heart of Desktop in the Cloud. With VDI technology, it is simple and cost effective to deploy common work environments that can scale up or down as needed. Furthermore, with virtualized desktop you reduce your investments in aging hardware and help protect against critical data loss.

Contact Center

Contact Centers serve as the primary link between a business and their customers acting as a customer service facility that coordinates all inbound and outbound communication between an organization and the public. Options include skills-based ACD software that quickly matches callers in your queue to the agents who can best help them. That means efficient call resolution, happy customers and money saved for your multi-channel call center. The ACD system is the “core” of most contact center applications.

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